The Team

The ADPP team is much like a Table Tennis Racquet, small but dam efficient.  The initial Founder is Jojo Regan. He sees ADPP doing a lot for the Ping-Pong scene in the UK and, potentially, globally.  “Ping-Pong is a social game, to be played with the best of friends or worst of enemies, regardless of who you play with its always a fun affair! What ADPP aims to do is provide an online platform for those thousands of people that are interested in the sport but don’t necessarily follow the professional game.” As an Oil & Gas analyst for a major company, he wouldn’t necessarily strike you as the man for the job, but ADPP can assure you that the man with the initial idea has got the right idea. The ‘Money-Man’ as he is know, has got ADPP from a silly concept on a piece of napkin to a talked about concept with a whole lot of potential.


“We aim to host events in some of the coolest London bars and ‘hotspots’ whereby players can drink, socalise and play.  The Ping-Pong Community and its followers lack a ‘club’ or ‘space’ where by like minded players can meet.  For too long the sport has been frowned upon as one to be played by ‘geeks’ and ‘loners’.  We aim to bring the glamour into the sport and the events we host will be fun affairs I can assure you of that.”


Marcus Edgworth is ADPP’s co founder. His initial input has got ADPP to this advanced stage in a very short time. Marcus has a fast thinking head on his shoulders and not only does this allow him to be a great player, it also bodes very well for ADPP as his events management experience and contacts will surely position us well for the future.


Conor Haynes is our head editor and notorious for his ability to pick out the finest details or mistakes in our blogs which is why you are probably thinking,”ADPP blogs are so well written!” This is no mistake! Conor is in charge of going through any guest blog we do and he scrolls through the website pages to make sure all the content is correct and up to date. He is also the friendly face you keep seeing in all our video interviews… yep the one who always wears G-Star Raw clothings and flat caps!!