Team GB’s Victory Parade

What an incredible month we had. It is impossible to put it all into words but the feature image at the top says it all, Table Tennis players Andrew Baggaley, Will Bayley and David Wetherill celebrating in front of millions. Our Olympic and Paralympic team were true heroes and deserved every clap, whistle and cheer that they got from the 1million strong crowd that lined the roads of London. Yes you heard me right, 1 million people. That is almost 20% of the population of London or almost 2% of the population of the UK watching live, there. And the rest watching on TV no doubt. We owe a lot to these athletes as they have really shone a light on the UK this summer. A recent survey said that the games as a whole has cheered up 75% of the UK and inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take up a sport. ADPP was there at the parade, and it was truly incredible. A big thank you to all the athletes who will give us an experience none of us will forget. Click the first image to begin the video.

We took loads of great photos from the parade so check them out on our Facebook by clicking this link here.