So You Think You Can Pong? 16/7/12

ADPP has been aware of Spin Galactic for sometime now… which is why I was so surprised when I realised that we were yet to blog about them!! This had to be immediately fixed, and hence the quick blog on a monday morning!

The Spin Galactic venue in Milwaukee

In their own words, “SPiN Galactic, is a galaxy of ping-pong social clubs…and by ping-pong social club, we simply mean a place to hang out with your old friends, meet new friends and play ping-pong while sipping a cocktail, or eating a snack, or perhaps watching a professional ping-pong match on SPiN’s center court. Created by owners Franck Raharinosy, Andrew Gordon, Jonathan Bricklin and Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, SPiN has begun to spread the love of pong across the world.”

Spin Galactic can, unfortunately, only be found in the US and Canada with a club in New York, Milwaukee, and Toronto. Check out a quick video of theirs below from one of their events last year. Friends fans will notice a rather un-trimmed David Schwimmer!

( The Video above is from Spin NYC’s fundraiser with Catherine Keener, Sean Avery, Dave Eggers, David Scwimmer, Mario Batali, Will Shortz, Peter Sarsgard, Wyatt Cenac, Sarah Vowell, and Mike Myers)

The set up that Spin Galactic has at each of their venues is just what we need in London. And it is organisations like this, who become part of this social ping pong revolution, that will see the spread of the sport globally. I know that it wont be long before we have clubs like this popping up all over the major cities of the world, and we can’t wait!!!


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