The Event

Last night, July the 2nd, AfterDark PingPong had the privilege of attending the London Premier for this summers hottest film, Ping Pong. We eagerly anticipated watching a movie that had so many great reviews, including a 4 star review from the highly regarded, Empire Magazine.

We were welcomed into the, now busy, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and handed our wrist bands and information for the evening. We mad our way through to the reception room and helped ourselves to a complimentary beer and enjoyed the old school popcorn machine and pick’n'mix.

The Movie

‘Ping Pong’ the Film, captured the hearts of its audience by taking us on a journey through the lives of eight different people from complete different corners of the world on their paths to compete in the 2010 World Championships in China.

The eight selected world champion’s chosen between 83-101 years of age each shocked the audience, not because they were still playing a sport at a fragile age, but that they were competing to a very high standard. Credit has to be given to the team who put it all together due to the fact it had everything you want in a film. An inspiring story line, a great soundtrack, a competitive edge and the characters provided great humour that had me in more hysterics than Sacha Boron Cohen’s slap stick humour ‘The Dictator’ ever did.

All the characters chosen had remarkable and interesting stories to tell of their lives before Ping Pong and how they found their passion for the sport. The variety of emotions the audience was feeling after each story either left you inspired or teary-eyed. The relation I believe the audience had with these people is it reminded us of the stories our own grand parents told us and this added to the emotions we were feeling at the time.

The under lying importance of this film is not who wins the gold medal but more importantly these outstanding individuals taught me that the mind can be more powerful than the body. And with the right state of mind you can achieve anything. Terry Donion who I had the pleasure of meeting keeps on proving his doctors wrong with only one week left to live on several occasions he shows up at the next tournament five months later. When it comes down to any sport a great aspect to take away from this film is the importance in having “pride in winning and losing with honour” stated by Sun Lao.

A statement from Terry Donion which I believe to be very true is, “Why do the majority of us only play Ping Pong as kids and then forget to play when we should continue to play all the way through our lives”.

So a message from ADPP and Terry… Get those Ping Pong paddles out and get Playing!

The After-Party

After the movie, we had a short Q&A with one of the films stars, Terry Donion. That had the whole crowd laughing and started with a standing ovation! The party moved back into the reception room and the complimentary beers continued. Some doors were opened and we made our way into a new room that was stacked full of Ping Pong tables, begging to be played on! A big shout out has to go to ‘Ping!’ who supplied all the tables for the event. We stated off by watching UK mens number two Andrew Baggaley playing against one of our very best paralympian Table Tennis players. That hotly contested match was followed by Andrew Baggaley playing one of the films stars, Terry Donion. We managed to catch that part of the evening on camera, so check it out for yourselves!

The Characters

AfterDark PingPong has kindly compiled a complete list of all the cast members! Be sure to click on the images to get a closer look at what is said! We are also keen for anyone who has seen the movie to let us know who your favourite character is!

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