Pongathon to Challenge the City!


I am here with Pongathon’s Adrian who, after last weeks event at Rich Mix London, prefers a frying pan to a conventional TT racket! Adrian, a quick update on last weeks event- how did it go?
It was great to see so many people turn out for our Pongathon Pancake Challenge! Having never played with a frying pan before it was a real laugh challenging everyone to a game, pancakes for the victors and lemons for the losers! We have now decided to program a crazy challenge at every Pongathon. In addition to the ‘Pongbot challenge’, our next one on March 6th is The Great Pongathon Hula Hoop Challenge…How many hula’s can you hoop whilst challenging the Pongbot? We have a pro Hula girl coming along specially to teach us how it should be done!

And I heard you had ESPN filming?!
Yes, they wanted to film what cool stuff Londoners were up to heading into the Olympics and thought Pongathon was a perfect fit, it was broadcast last week in Brazil but now we are connecting to Brazilians in London now that want to come along. So you never know we could be doing a Pongathon in Rio soon!
The video is here ~~~~~~>

Your first event was October 26th and in just 4 months you’ve seen your popularity grow immensely, it must be great to see it all piecing together?
Immeasurably. It’s been like throwing a dinner party but for people that love ping pong! We introduced the online booking system back in November, and we were not sure how it would be embraced but people really ‘got it’. Our tables are now regularly booked in advance, usually with after work ping pong sessions that carry on through the evening, friends organizing their own Pongathon parties and actually quite a lot of spur of the moment ping pong walk-ups! We now have a kind of Pongathon club culture developing with a lot of regulars, so it’s really nice to hang out when you are not playing at the bar and meet other people that are really enjoying their ping pong! Our facebook community has also gone through the roof which has really helped to spread the word.

Let’s get onto the exclusive content; you have just launched the Pongathon City Challenge! Can you give us the down-lo on this unique concept?
We wanted to galvanize the working population of London to take up ping pong, nurture people’s competitive instincts, have fun and help team build offices, departments and corporations across the Capital! We said let’s get the junior executives, interns, IT’s and MD’s together into teams to represent their companies and play in London’s first ever Inter-Company Social Ping Pong Tournament! Hence The Pongathon City Challenge was launched last week and the response has been fantastic. The heats start on March 6th and go through till May 1st with the finals on May 15th at Richmix.

And what do the winners get? Is registration closed?
There are still a few places left but the deadline for registrations is March 15th. The Pongathon team really cant wait to get started with this one and the feedback that we have received so far has been far beyond what we expected! Register your team here pongathoncitychallenge.com.

The prize is an International Pro-Tour Table Tennis Table, that will look pretty cool in the office no doubt! We are also raising money for charity through the challenge with £10 from every registration providing a cheque for the winners to dedicate to their favourite charity.

Is the City challenge Pongathon’s main focus at the moment? Or are there any more ideas in the pipe line?
The Pongathon City Challenge – London is part of the Pongathon Inter City Challenge – will see the winning teams from companies across other major cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds and Cardiff all compete in a National Pongathon Inter-City Final later in the year! The great thing is we are creating a totally new way to have fun, compete, network and team build though ping pong!

Do you think this kind of idea has the potential to really impact the exposure levels of table tennis in this country?
Well a project like this is invaluable to the sport. We are providing a platform to allow access to tables in fantastic social environments. This is great exposure for the sport and has the potential to reach out to a huge audience. By providing access to social ping pong across the UK through the likes of Pongathon and The Pongathon City Challenge, we aim to play our part in the wider objectives of getting the whole country playing ping pong! By working with organizations like Sport England, Ping! and The English Table Tennis Association who are doing a magnificent job of creating awareness at grassroots level, we consider Pongathon as major facilitators in this process. This will naturally build a conscience momentum for people to take up the game as they hear more about it.

Where do you get a lot of your website traffic from at the moment? And have you seen the source of intrest change as Pongathon has developed?
A lot of our traffic was developed initially through Pongathon’s Guinness World Record Attempt and the media coverage leading up to our first event so our demographic came from all quarters. However as Pongathon has developed we are now beginning to build more organic traffic as people are discovering us through search engines such as Google. Much of our traffic is generated through our social media platforms such as facebook and twitter from people that have experiencedPongathon first hand and are generating interest amongst their social networks.

Finally Adrian, do you think that, ‘the future’s bright, the future is Pongathon’?.
Well we are called ‘Pongathon Tuesdays’and our colour is orange so I’ll let your readers smile at that one!

Thanks so much for your time Adrian



The Revolution

ADPP has a long standing link with the team over at Pongathon, and it was only 4 months ago since their first event at Rich Mix London. They are now on to their 3rd event and I am pleased to announce that they have just launched their latest idea, The Pongathon City Challenge!

You are one click away from becoming part of the revolution; while your waiting for your tea to boil, check out the Pongathon site here. There is so much to come from this organisation, and we feel very privileged to be a part of this movement too. Become part of the revolution and follow ADPP on Facebook & Twitter and Pongathon on Facebook & Twitter. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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