Olympic Team Event Semi Final: Hoa & Jike Vs Steger and Boll

Doubles Match

The doubles line up was: China’s Wang Hoa and Zhang Jike playing Germany’s Timo Boll and Bastian Steger. The 1st set started after a short warm up and team discussion, time to watch 4 of the worlds best playing all on one table! Germany were a real suprise in the 1st set, leading almost the whole time and showed great defensive work with some well placed returns. They also timed attacks to perfection. They were 6-5 up and looking strong, as the teams traded points. The match was at 10-10 and it could have gone either way…But Germany took advantage and the 1st set was theirs at 12-10. Upset on the cards?

The 2nd set was not as tight as the Chinese begun to settle down and control the play. They stormed into an early lead and eventually won it 11-5. The set was a weak one for the Germans but most notably Steger as he may feel he let the side down with a serve fault and poor return gifting 2 points to the Chinese at a crucial time. The third set went by in a flash and the Chinese took it 11-5 again, with some great rallies on show.

The 4th set was to be decisive although not a give away. The Germans held the Chinese off but still trailed at 7-5 down. With some weak returns and poorly judged shots the Chinese walked to victory and now had a 2-1 lead in the team event. A disappointed German side walked back to the coach to prepare for the next singles event.


Ma Long Beats Steger

Ma Long beats Germany’s Steger in what was the final game of the men’s semi final round between China and Germany. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who was at the match!

Ovtcharov’s Vs Ma Long

The opening match was always going to be a tight affair as the suprise bronze medalist, Dimitri Ovtcharov was up against the world class talent of Ma Long. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who as at the match

Timo Boll Outclasses Zhang J K

This was set to be a real close match. Timo Boll did not perform well in the singles event so had a lot to prove against the Gold medal winner Jike. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who was at the match!