ADPP’s Interview with Megan Phillips


ADPP is here talking with Megan Phillips, one of Wales’ brightest young talents. Megan, where do you feel Wales as a country is at with its table tennis?
I think as we’re a small country, were doing well to compete not only with the other Home Nations, but also being competitive in Europe and the World. I feel Wales is continually improving as a country!

Could you give us a small rundown on your playing style? And have you found it has developed over time?
I play with long pimples on my backhand and I’d like to think my style has developed over time as I think I have developed a more all-round game.

Do you feel that the government has the necessary projects in place to provide aspiring Table Tennis players to reach their full potential?
I’m really grateful for all the support I recieve from the Sports Council for Wales, as without it, it would be much harder to fund competition, training etc. However, as it is a minoirity sport, it is obviously hard for table tennis to achieve the funding it needs.

First a quick look back, for those who don’t know, you represented your country in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi back in 2010. That must have been a real experience for you and your sister at just 16?
It was an amazing experience! It was such an honour to compete in one of the biggest sporting events in the world at such a young age.

Did it feel strange to be going all the way to India to play Table Tennis?!
I never expected sport to take me so far from home, so yes it was strange going to going all the way to India! It’s such a different country to any I’d been to before so it was such a good experience getting to see the country, as well as competing in the table tennis.

And now for the future! How is your 2012 looking, what competitions are you hoping to compete in?
My next competition is the Swedish Junior open, and I’m hoping to play more competitions abroad throughout 2012. Hopefully I’ll be selected to play in the European Youth Championships which are in Austria later this year, as well as British Competitions like the Junior Six Nations and the British Schools.

And you seem to be in good nick at the moment with a great performance against the eventual winners of the Portugal Open in Tavira, finishing fourth. Do you feel your game is where you would like it to be at the moment?
I think my game is improving, there is still a lot to put right to get it where I would like it be! It’s positive that I’ve had some good results recently, such as in the Portugal Junior Open. I had some good wins agaisnt higher ranked players and was really pleased to finish fourth in the team event. It was a strong event so I think we did well as a team to reach the last four.

Finally, being so young you must be looking forward to the next 2-3 years, where do you aim to be in terms of your world rankings by 2014-2015? And do you feel that given enough time and support you and Wales could become a world beating side?!
As this is my last year in education for the time being, I’m really looking forward to being able to have more options of where and who I can train with, which hopefully will help improve my world rankings. By 2014-15 I hope to be ranked in the top 300 in the world, which will be hard work but I it is achievable with enough hard work! I think as we continue to improve as a country, Wales can certainly be a word beating side.

Thanks so much for your time Megan! We wish you a successful 2012!

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