18 Aug 2012

New Venue: Ping, Earls Court

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I will start off this review by apologising for it taking all day to get this up on the site…but I will be blaming that on Ping as ADPP stayed a lot longer than planned! We decided to go for the full experience and have dinner first and then ‘ponged’ after! Arriving at 9:30pm the place was already in full swing and we were lead through the club past the cool bar and beer barrelled tables!

I was spoilt for choice over the menu with a cool twist on some Italian classics. The club is renowned for their great pizza’s so I thought it would be rude to not go for one! And none of us were disappointed by the choices as the food was fantastic!

Now onto the more important part, the booze. I knew I would love the place when I asked for a beer and they brought me an Asahi super dry! My all time favourite and a beer you don’t see enough in London!

We booked ourselves a 30 minute slot on a table (the club has 3 so at busy times it is best to book!) for 11, and quickly finished up our pizza and took up our battle positions as the beer pong began!

I was not previously very clued up on the rules of beer pong but luckily I had a friend with me who is at university in the US, so taught us the ropes. (I am used to using a TT table for the more conventional use!) I also want to re-iterate that the tables are constantly being used and is 50-50 between people playing beer pong and actually playing ping pong.

We had a great night, and I will definitely be going back. Its local and one of the first club/pingpong venues to open in the area, with most of them over in east London. Get yourself down for a pizza and some pong and you could hang out there all night without a problem. A special mention to the friendly staff and in particular Nick who was great all night! To book yourself a table check out their Twitter here or facebook here. The club is really well priced and I was shocked at how cheap it was in the end! Get Ponging


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  1. Reply Mike Stone says:

    Great review guys, have booked myself in this week because of it, looks like it is worth a try, and keen for some decent pizza!!

  2. Reply admin says:

    Thanks for your post Mike! Glad you like the review, hope you have a good time!


  3. Reply YABLON says:

    We had a ball (excuse the pun) at Ping on Friday night! http://lifeofyablon.com/the-ping-craze/

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