12 Sep 2012

Ever fancied a flutter on the Table Tennis?

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It is just me or does the idea of betting on a Table Tennis match sound quite appealing?! The ADPP team play ALOT of Poker but I am not a seasoned gambler nor do I spend much time in casinos, but I do like a flutter on the football or rugby every so often, so why not the table tennis?!

With matches on every weekend in the Bundesliga and around Europe, there are plenty of players I would like to back. Table Tennis also has a habit of producing some good underdogs and match upsets. Imagine the odds you could have got on Ariel Hsing taking two sets of world number 2 Li Xiaoxia in the Olympics! Or on Dimitri Ovtcharov walking away from the games with two bronze medals and Timo Boll none!

Funnily enough, Team GB’s Kelly Sibley was sponsored by OLBG the online sports betting website, in the run up the the Olympics as she had little or no national funding, and they stepped in and kept her Olympic dream alive.

We touched on it before but the ADPP team really enjoy a game of Poker, almost as much as we enjoy a game of Table Tennis (That is saying a lot) It is almost impossible to get Marcus off Party Poker (If you want to check out why Marcus is so into it click here for their site) and because he is able to play online he has got into the sport a lot more and buys the magazines and reads online blogs on how to get better at it. If we were able to bet on the Table Tennis it may draw in more people into the sport as they will look to find out which player to back and thus do research and read up online about them. Thus they now know more about the sport!

It is a loose idea but I guess it is working under the assumption that any publicity is good publicity. What are your thoughts on the subject? This one we are really keen to get a response on so make sure to comment below or on our Facebook page!

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5 Responses to “Ever fancied a flutter on the Table Tennis?”

  1. Reply Ping Coach says:

    Very interesting post. I think there would be quite a lot of table tennis fans that would fancy a little bet from time to time. Plus I think it could be good for the sport, may well raise the profile a bit. I wonder how easy it is to start an online bookie. How would you determine all the odds? You’d need some kind of rough formula. Food for thought.

  2. Reply admin says:

    Ping Coach, really agree. Its the idea of the gambling kind of person getting involved in the sport because he/she can bet on it but may not always be good because there is a negative stigma attached to gambling… As a TT fan though, I would love to bet on a Ma Long Vs Zhang Jike match for sure!!
    Jojo, ADPP Founder

    • Reply Ping Coach says:

      I doubt ping will ever become the new horse racing or dogs if that’s the kind of image you’re worried about. I just think we could do a better job helping table tennis fans engage with the sport.

  3. Reply Conor Haynes says:

    I definitely agree it will raise the profile of the sport and attaches a much wider audience to following the sport which associates to gambling. Therefore the more gambling sites seeing more people interested in betting in TT will increase potential sponsorship deals and funding from major gambling companies for the TT Athletes.

    Conor, ADPP Head Editor

  4. Reply admin says:

    Yea I agree, it is not the next dogs! I think the sport would benefit, and Conor is spot on there. If more people are betting, more will be watching and therefore advertisers will pay more and players may find getting sponsored easier.


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