EVENT: House of Nations Tsing Tao Dragon Masters

ADPP had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of Tsingtao and its Dragon Masters table tennis tour, which was held in the House of Nations pop up venue at the Pavilion next to the Tower of London.

Upon entering the venue past the outside seating area we were given a tour of the delicious food stalls and the rooms where we could soak up the Olympic atmosphere to watch the Table Tennis, Women’s Hockey, 110Metre Hurdles and other events.

The set up is very stylish with quality seating area and a real swanky vibe. The bars were kitted with Tsingtao beer, Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer, Lamb’s rum, and Whitley Neill gin to name but a few.

In the pop up venue there were Tsingtao designed Table Tennis tables with a quality design that would set up perfectly in London’s top nightclubs.

The Dragon Robot prototype was a cool feature to the image of Tsingtao beer being a challenge to defeat for the average Table Tennis player.

The winners were entered into a draw for a chance to win a signed Tsingtao table. Sounds simple but the Dragon would not go down easily!

The venue will be available for the remainder of the Olympics so get yourselves there after work and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with a beverage in your hand and a day of sports.

Conor Haynes