ADPP Event Plans

ADPP will host events, its not a matter of if but just when.  Unfortunately we can’t commit to dates or venues as of yet because its down the the response and following we get.  Obviously we are a new idea and concept stepping into unchartered waters but with the right momentum.  There are two types of event we aim to host.

One is a monthly or quarterly tournament with a buy in fee and prize money hosted at a popular city spot.  The final 8 may then be invited to play at the ‘main event’ style party at a London bar or venue.  The event could be an opportunity to invite friends to watch who can enjoy the Ping-Pong and a drink or two at the bar.  We have looked into to potentially streaming the matches on the internet, which could increase our exposure and potential our sponsors. We aim to provide a tournament for the amateur player and an event for non-participants to attend and to and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts.

Ping-Pong is a cool sport, so lets get the tables out the garage and into the coolest bars in London!!