Team GB: We Could Not Stop Them!!

Check out the video featuring some of the Team GB medalists singing to the British favourite ‘Don’t Stop Me Know’ by Queen.

Check out Jessica Ennis, using a Table Tennis bat as am air Guitar!

The photo above is of the Nigerian Akune in his 1st round match at the ExCel, it is one of our favourites and for anyone who saw the match will realise why he was cheering so much!! It was a real epic match!

Table Tennis on the Jubilee Line, London.

The games were such a success and everywhere you looked you could see Olympics themed adverts and sponsors.

And look at the venues we had to watch our events at. Not only the ExCel but all over the UK the events were held in world class venues like Old Trafford, Wembley, Horse Guards Parade, The O2 Arena and more!

What was your favourite part?

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