Quick Reactions Needed…

As I was trailing through YouTube, I stumbled across a video of Formula 2 racing driver Dino Zamparelli. In the video Dino displays some of the quickest reactions in avoinding the stationary car, Check out the video to see what I mean! This got me thinking about people’s reactions and how this skill can help when playing table tennis!

I have compiled a short selection of videos, full of some fast reactions on the ‘table’. Hopefully they will inspire you all to try improve your ability to get those quick shots back and stop flinching at them!! (Because I know I do too!) I have refrained from putting videos in of the world class players (Ma Long etc.) because I think that the real crazy shots are always played buy those with the real raw talent we see in the lower league matches!

In the video above we see Mattias Oversjo, who stands only 421st in the table tennis world rankings, make an incredible shot with a little bit of quick thinking!

Next up, at the Canadian National Team Challenge. Pierre-Luc Hinse vs. Xavier Therien get locked in an intense battle when this happens, we are lucky enough to have two angles!

And finally, check out the fastest serve ever by Japanese wonderkid and future World Champion Asuka Sakai. Wether it is legal, we want to know your thoughts… either way, your going to need some serious reactions to get that thing back!!


Quick Blogs

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