ADPP At The Olympics

Journey and experience

WOW! What a day we were treated to. ADPP had front row seats at the biggest sporting event on the planet, and we had all our followers right there beside us (Not literally of course!). Saturday the 28th of July 2012, ADPP made our way to the opening day of play at the London ExCel Arena. Read Conor’s diary of the day below!


Conor’s Diary

I woke up this morning with yet again, another day of English sun shining through my window. It wasn’t until last nights Opening Ceremony that I really began to feel the Olympic ‘buzz’ and waking up this morning to fantastic weather I couldn’t have been more excited to be on my way to the Excel arena to watch Day1 of the Table Tennis at the London 2012 Olympics.

I got to London Waterloo as expected, normal time and no delays but I have to give credit to where it is due. The journey on the tube from Waterloo to Canning Town on the Piccadilly line was quick and easy. The DLR which has been purposely built for this years Olympic games was just as efficient getting us to Custom House at the Excel Arena with too much time to spare if anything.

The next process was a security check-in, identical to what you would expect at the airport except there was a mass quantity of army officials. After being told we couldn’t take any liquids through to the Excel arena we had to throw our minerals in the trash and make do without.

There where a host of events at the ExCel, 25% of the Olympic medals will be won here.

There where a host of events at the ExCel, 25% of the Olympic medals will be won here.

Within the Excel Arena there are a number of events taking place such as Boxing, Judo, Table Tennis, Fencing and Taekwondo. The main exhibition hall is a wide corridor full of predominately British themed foods such as Pie and Mash, Traditional Roast, Fish and Chips plus other options like Deli’s and Pizza. My colleague and I had Fish and Chips at a reasonable price of £8.50 each, however we weren’t best pleased about the fact they had run out of ketchup…

At 1o’clock it is time for us to enter the Table Tennis arena within the Excel where your tickets are scanned in and there is another exhibition room with Table Tennis history. With the atmosphere full up with people and music it was time to go in and watch the Table Tennis where we got lucky with front row seats with a great view of the four table tennis matches happening at the same time.

The set up was great with a big scoreboard and TV’s around the ceiling. I would love to find out how to get one of the Olympic Tables because they looked amazing and overall it was a great experience.

The journey home was a little crowded as expected but the traffic of people was moving and we were back at London Waterloo in no time ready to get our train back home.

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