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Trick Shot Time!.

YouTube’s finest Trick shots, Skill or luck? Watch the videos and you decide!

The Superman Shot!.

Check out Paralympian, Dave Wetherill’s sensational shot!

The Fun Is All Over!.

Our joyous summer of sport is over, lets recap on some of the best bits!

Natalia Partyka: A Hero

Natalia Partyka is a our hero, learn more about her incredible story here.


Latest Interviews

Ariel Hsing Olympic Dream.

ADPP interviewed the Olympic Wonderking, Ariel!

We Interview Ping!.

ADPP fills you in on the future of Ping’s free tables!

David Wetherill Interview

You have seen the shot, now meet the man!

Baggaley Talks 2012.

Andrew talks Olympics, Opening Ceremony!


News Feed

World Championship of Ping Pong!

WCPPLogo The World Championship of Ping Pong was held this past week (January 5-6) at the Alexandra Palace in London. The event had a $100,000 purse for top table tennis players to win in a made-for-TV event put together by Barry Hearn–the maven of snooker, darts, and just about every other sport you see on TV.Click here

David Wetherall Talks Olympics

∞ Interview ∞
I am sure you have all seen the video, now hear from the man himself. We talk about his past, his Paralympic games, that shot and what the future may hold! Click here for the full story.

Fancy A Flutter?!

We can’t be the only ones who have thought this but there is no where to bet on the Table Tennis! We examine the idea of it and weather it would have a positive or negative effect on the sport in general here.

Our Summer of Sport is All Over!

The Paralympic closing ceremony was the curtain call for our summer of fun and sport! What a time Team GB and the UK had this summer enjoying Wimbledon, the Euros, the Olympics and finally the Paralympics. Click here.

Pictures & Videos from Team GB’s Victory Parade

ADPP Interview Ping!

ADPP caught up with Andy from Ping England, the organisation behind all those free tables we have been helping ourselves too over the last 3 years! We talk through the project with Andy and get the inside scoop on what the future plan is for all of them, check out the video interview here.

Natalia Partyka: A Hero

Natalia Partyka has represented her country at 4 Paralympics and Olympics and is only 23 and has taken another gold and silver from this years games. She truly is an inspiration, read more about her life here.

Skill Shot Time!

You have probably seen some of these videos on YouTube already but we have complied some of the best into one post. Is it luck or skill? Or just too much free time!! Which is your favourite? Click here.

David Wetherill’s Superman Shot!

Check out Dave Wetherill’s amazing superman shot from his match at the Paralympic games. The video has over 2 million views on Youtube and has gone Viral!! Click here.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov Goes Old School

Check out Dimitrij Ovtcharov trying his best to play with an oversized, wooden bat at the LA Open. He started off a little bit tentatively but the Olympic Bronze medalists picked up the skill very quickly. Click here.

Will Bayley Takes Silver!

∞ Match Report ∞
Will Bayley has lived up to the hype and taken a silver medal in the Paralympic games for Team GB! In a close fought final against Wollmert, who took out the number 1 seed in the Semi-Finals. Click here.

ADPP Interviews Ariel Hsing

∞ Interview ∞ ADPP was lucky enough to get an interview with the this years Olympic wonder kid Ariel Hsing. The athlete showed some real class at the games by taking 2 sets off seed 2 and eventual gold medalist Li Xiaoxia. Read our full interview and Click here!

ADPP at Ping!

∞ Review ∞
ADPP had a fantastic night at London’s coolest place to play the sport we love! Located just 20 yards from Earls Court Tube station, this swanky new venue is sure to be a real hit, check out our review here.

Philip Jamison’s Guest Blog

∞ Guest Blog ∞
Read Philip Jamison’s guest blog he did exclusively for ADPP. The Ireland U21 player is currently training with Jordan’s Paralympic women’s team as they prepare for the 2012 London Paralympics! Click here to read his story.

Memorabilia Auction For TT Balls!

∞ Quick-Post ∞
Want a chance to bid on some of the balls that were used in the Olympic Games? You could be the proud new owner of some of the most sought after memorabilia from the Olympic! Click here.

The Science Behind Table Tennis

∞ Quick-Post ∞

ESPN have done a great video on the science behind the sport and how it is not as easy as some may think! To check out the full story Click here.

We Couldn’t Stop Team GB!

Check out the video that Team GB medal winners did in celebration of our HUGE success in this years Olympics. It is a shame it is over but what a load of fun we had! Check out the video here.

EVENT: Tsing Tao Dragon Masters

ADPP were kindly invited to the Tsing Tao Dragon Masters event at the House of Nations. We challenged the Dragon Bot and enjoyed watching the Olympics on the huge TV screen. Check out the videos and pictures of the event here.

Ma Long Beats Steger

Ma Long beats Germany’s Steger in what was the final game of the men’s semi final round between China and Germany. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who was at the match!

China Vs Germany Doubles

It was doubles time and we were set to see 3 of the top 10 players do battle on one table. Wang Hoa and Zhang Jike took on Timo Boll and Steger. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who was at the match!

Ovtcharov’s Vs Ma Long

The opening match was always going to be a tight affair as the suprise bronze medalist, Dimitri Ovtcharov was up against the world class talent of Ma Long. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who as at the match

Timo Boll Outclasses Zhang J K

This was set to be a real close match. Timo Boll did not perform well in the singles event so had a lot to prove against the Gold medal winner Jike. Click here for the full match report, written by ADPP who was at the match!

ADPP 2nd Day at the ExCel Arena

ADPP was lucky enough to have another set of tickets for the Olympics, and even luckier to be able to watch the Mens Semi-Final match for the team event with China playing Germany, what a match we had in store Click here. for the full story.

ADPP Interviews Kelly Sibley

∞ Interview ∞
AfterDark PingPong caught up with team GB’s Kelly Sibley at the ExCel Arena on the opening day of the 2012 London Olympics. Find out how Kelly is feeling in the build up to her 1st team match on Friday. Click here for the full story.

ADPP’s Prize Giveaway: Full Details!

ADPP Interviews Andrew Baggaley

∞ Interview ∞
AfterDark PingPong caught up with team GB’s Andrew Baggaley at the 1st day of the London Olympics at the ExCel Arena. In between Joanna Parker and Paul Drinkhall’s 1st round victories. Click here for the full story.

London Olympics: Day 1

Check out ADPP’s guide to the 1st day’s action from the opening day of the Olympics at the London ExCel Arena. With two Brits in action, we were set for a real treat, and front row seats allowed for some good viewing!! Click here. for the full story.

ADPP At The Olympic Games: Conor’s Diary!

AfterDark PingPong was lucky enough to be at the opening day of the London 2012 Olympic games. We had afternoon tickets at the ExCel Arena to watch the sport we all love. Read ADPP’s Conor Hayne’s day report on how he found the experience!
Click here.

The Olympic Ceremony

The Olympic Ceremony is going to be a wonderful spectacle so do not miss it tonight 27/07/2012! Click here. for the full story.
Olympic Ceremony

Ping!: Everyone is Playing!

Everyone is playing now thanks to Ping! England! They have teamed up with the National Lottery Fund and the ETTA to provide public areas all over the UK with Ping Pong tables! Click here. for the full story.

ADPP on the London 2012 Game

∞ Quick-Blog ∞

ADPP found some footage of the Table Tennis from the London 2012 game that is due out. We wanted to share our thoughts on how it plays and if we give it the thumbs! To check out the full story
Click here.

Spin Galactic: Can You Pong?

In the latest of our quick blogs, we introduce you to the ping pong club sensation Spin Galactic. With venues in New York, Toronto and Milwaukee these guys will be popping up a lot more, so keep your eyes peeled! The post includes a quick video from one of their promotional events; with celebrities like David Schwimmer getting involved! To check out the full story Click here.

CC:Ping! London Invites All!

∞ Conor’s Column ∞

Ping! London have started putting up Table Tennis Tables all around the UK. With the help of the English Table Tennis Association and the National Lottery Fund, we are now lucky enough to have free tables to play whenever we wish! To find out more Click here.

Hugo Hoyama’s Olympic Record

∞ Quick-Blog ∞

Table tennis veteran Hugo Hoyama will equal the Brazilian record for most Olympic appearances when he competes in his sixth Games at London 2012. Click here

Team GB: Player Profiles

AfterDark PingPong has put together player profiles for each of the individuals that are going to represent Team GB Table Tennis, at this years London Olympics. Click here to see all the full list of profiles.

ADPP Catches up with Andrew Baggaley

∞ Interview ∞
ADPP caught up with the olympic selected, Andrew Baggaley. We discuss the upcoming games, his recent change of clubs, hairstlyes and his linguistic skills! Check out the full story, here.

ADPP at the Premier

∞ Review ∞

ADPP was lucky enough to be invited to the London Premier of this summer’s feel good movie, Ping Pong. Check out what we thought! The Review includes some videos of the night’s After Party, featuring the likes of Andrew Baggaley, and one of the Films stars, Terry Donion. Click here to read the full story!

Have You Got The Reactions?

∞ Quick-Blog ∞

As I was trailing through YouTube, I stumbled across a video of Formula 2 racing driver Dino Zamparelli. This got me thinking about people’s reactions and how this skill can help when playing table tennis! for the full story click here

Kagawa Keen On His Ping Pong

∞ Quick-Blog ∞

After seeing Manchester United’s newest signing Kagawa holding up a few signed Table Tennis bats after his last interviews before he flew over to the UK, it got ADPP wanting to investigate further. See what we found out about the Japanese Superstar, for the full story click here

Ping Pong…The Movie!

ADPP have been invited to the London premier of the new movie ‘Ping Pong’. In anticipation to the event, we have put together a complete preview of the movie so you’ll be geared up for the full release on the 6th of July 2012! Full story click here

ADPP’s Adidas Exclusive!

In a Conor’s Column special, ADPP has the exclusive insight into all the Adidas gear that will be supplied to our Great British Athletes for the, fast approaching, 2012 Olympics! For the full story click here

Can You Cope Under Pressure?

∞ Guest Blog ∞
Table Tennis is a game of speed and reflex, sometimes when the crucial points of a set or a match come around, it is vital to take moments to mentally prepare. For our 1st guest blog, Matt Hetherington has put together his guide on how to stay cool under pressure. Click here

AfterDark at Pongathon’s City Challenge

On the 6th of March 2012, I became part of a new club. A close friend and I welcomed Pongathon into our lives and it was the best Tuesday night I have had whilst living and working in London for the past 2 and a half years. Click here to find out why!

CC: How’s Your Grip

Table Tennis is a game of speed, reaction time and co-ordination. Ping-Pong is played at a very quick pace and a player has a short period after playing their shot before having to return the next shot. Click here to find out more.

CC: Olympic Selection

It has been announced that ten athletes have been shortlisted regarding Table Tennis for Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics. With only six places available in the team the players will be fighting for their place in the team. Click here to find out more.

Pongathon Challenges the City!

ADPP met up with Pongathon’s Adrian, to talk about their latest project…The Pongathon City Challenge. Click here to read the interview and find out how you can enter!

CC: A Robotic Future

In more recent developments there is now Ping-Pong machines, kind of like the ones tennis players have been using for years but now table tennis has them too. Click here to check out his Column.

Pongathon: Get Playing

Pongathon is a leading movement in creating social events for all Ping-Pong players and deliver the events with DJ’s, creative themes and social tournament play. Click here for the full story.

Qatar Open: Final Day

In an exciting Men’s draw it came down to the two top Chinese seeds Wang Hao and Xu Xin. Back at the excel arena in November Wang Hao managed to come out the better of the two so Xu Xin was looking to get one back. Click here to find out what happened!

CC: The Importance of your Serve

∞ ADPP’s Tips ∞

When it comes to the importance of a particular table tennis shot, anyone who plays tennis at a moderately high or professional level will tell you that the most important shot is ‘The Serve’. Click here to read Conor’s opinion on the matter!

Slovenian Open: Friday

ADPP’s Marcus keeps us all up to date on the goings on of Friday’s play from the ITTF Slovenian Open. How did Britain’s Paul Drinkhall do in his final 64 match against one of the worlds best players. Click here to find out what happened!

Slovenian Open: Wed & Thurs

All the highlights from the first 2 days of the Slovenian Open. Find out who made it through qualifying and if any British players made it into the round of 64! Click here to find out what happened!

ADPP’s Forum & Chat

ADPP is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘Forums & Chat section of the site! Here we invite our readers to discuss all the latest news and gossip from the world of table tennis. It is free and simple to register and there are no e-mail subscriptions attached to signing up! To become part of the fastest growing online community Click here.

Hungarian Open: Saturday

It is the LAST day of the Hungarian Open in Budapest. We are wrapping up all the finals in this report…Find out who won the singles and doubles in both the men’s and women’s draw. And we promise the final day was no disappointment! Click here to find out what happened!

Hungarian Open: Friday

A full report of all the action from Friday at the ITTF Hungarian Open in Budapest. Who has made the final day of the competition in the Men’s singles and Doubles? And which women will make it up onto the podium? Click here to find out!

CC: Hungry 4 Hungary

The first edition of Conor’s Column is out now! He discuses the ups and downs of the Hungarian Open and Rules changes in upcoming competitions. Conor will continue to update his column every friday, right here! Click here to check out his Column.

Hungarian Open: Thursday

A complete sum up of all Thursday’s action from Budapest at the Hungarian Open. The main draw begins and all the big guns are playing their first matches! There are some surprising results and turn arounds! Click here for the full story.

Megan Phillips: Wales’ Wonderkid

Check out ADPP’s exclusive interview with the Welsh wonderkid, Megan Phillips. Megan and her sister Angharad have represented their country on multiple occasions, and they are not even finished school! We talk about her trip to Dehli back in 2012 and where she sees herself & her county in 3-4 years time.
Click here for the full story.

Hungarian Open: Wednesday

A complete summary of all the action from the second day of the Hungarian World Tours in Budapest. Team GB continue to look strong with only one of our hopefuls not making it through qualifying. Click here for the full story.

Kelly Sibley’s Olympic Year

ADPP spoke with Great Britain’s very own, Kelly Sibley. We discuss her club game, the Olympics and rules changes; how she feels her training is going and her view on team GB’s chances for medals in all of this years events. For the full story click here

Q&A with GB’s Darius Knight

ADPP caught up with Great Britan’s Darius Knight. We wanted to find out his plans and goals for the year ahed; we get to know a little more about the star behind the bat and learn how his training is going in the run up to this years Olympic Games. For the full story click here

Hungarian Open: Tuesday

ADPP will update you on what happens at the Hungarian Open that starts on the 17th of January 2012. Contact us if you would like more info on any of the players or events.Click here

Conor’s Column

ADPP is pleased to announce the launch of its newest feature, ‘Conor’s Column’. Conor Haynes has joined the team as head editor for all things literature! He will be posting his blog once a week, every Friday. It will be a summary of all the weeks Table Tennis news and the general happenings around the world, written in his own…unique style! click here to check out his page!


ADPP is Now On FaceBook!

After Dark Ping Pong is now on the most popular social media site in the world, Facebook! Check out all our latest content via the page and keep up to date on all the latest blogs without even having to leave your treasured Facebook account! click here to be taken directly to the page

The Olympic Year

The year 2012 is the subject of much debate. Whether it is the movie ‘2012’ or the Maya Calendar’s predictions, both of which unfortunately leave the world in catastrophic circumstance. On the other hand, in terms of Table Tennis there is clearly only one thing in the minds of the professionals, and that’s the London Olympic games. For the full story Click here

Social Ping Pong is on the Rise!

Watch the promotional video below provided by Pongathon. The Sport is experianceing a great influx of players who are playing the sport in fun, social venues all over the country and world. For the full story click here

TT: A History of the Sport

The complete background behind the sport we all love. It includes who invented it, when it was invented and why. The article explains how the ITTF was formed and how the sport has developed over its 120 years existence. For the full story click here


OLGB Announce Kelly Sibley Sponsorship

AfterDark PingPong arepleased toannounce that OLBG have agreedto sponsor GreatBritain’s Kelly Sibley. They deal will fund Kelly’s day to day expenses and also an exciting trip to China where Kelly is due to train with some of the worlds best in preparation for next years London Olympics. For the full story click here

GB TT: Where’s My Money?

The Great British Table Tennis Team has had its funding slashed by 50% since 2009 to just £1.2million, making it the least funded olympic sport. In the run up to the 2012 Olympics, ADPP investigates the cuts and discusses what impact these cuts will have on the sport in this country in the short and long term. For the full story click here

Does China Dominate the Sport?

After Dark Ping Pong were lucky enough to be present at the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals this weekend, and even luckier to have got a photo with one of the best players to ever have graced the table tennis arena. It is Liu Guoliang of course and he had another extremely successful few days at the test event in the Excell Arena. His two top seeds made it into the final in what was an exciting, but fairly one sided, affair. This photo and the all Chinese final got me thinking about the current grip that the Chinese have over the sport, but why? For the full story click here

Interview With Kelly Sibley

After Dark Ping Pong caught up with Kelly Sibley at the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals. This was the test event for next years London Olympics at the Excel arena.  ADPP were keen to find out how Kelly felt her doubles match went and, in the run up to the Olympic games, how her training is going. For the full story click here

Sunday’s Action

Sundays play involved action from the men’s singles and women’s doubles. With the both men’s Semi-Finals to play the competition was looking like it could be anyones with the top 3 seeds involved. Sandwiched inbetween the mens singles were the women’s doubles Semi and Finals. We were in for an action packed day of table tennis. For the full story click here

Saturday’s Action

In a fully filled Saturday schedule, the build up to the Men’s doubles final and the Women’s singles finals was extremely exciting with action from the Women’s doubles and Men’s Singles. We were lucky enough to see Ma Long playing singles and doubles, winning both his matches, setting up a great Sunday. For the full story click here



This is a short clip of some of the matches that have happened in Rotterdam this year. We are very much looking forward to the ITTF finals that are taking place in London this weekend. For more info click here

Vídeo Promocional da ITTF – Mundial 2011 from FranTT on Vimeo.